The New Standards Holiday Show

State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

The New Standards Holiday Show, now in its 8th year, has become an beloved yuletide institution in the Twin Cities and beyond. Audiences have come to expect a show that combines swinging renditions of classic holiday tunes with a smattering of irreverence and a healthy sprinkling of spectacle. But it's the surprises that delight: the special rock star guests; a touching poem or story; dances and comic bits; or a show-stopping version of that sweet ode to Minnesota winter - Snow Days - like you’ve never heard it before.

The New Standards are three friends, musicians and raconteurs who have been performing together since 2005 in clubs and theaters everywhere, from Shanghai to New York City. They've released half a dozen CDs and populated YouTube with a number of popular videos. In their original state, they take the form of an unusual trio (standup bass, piano and vibraphone), but of-late have been the soul and creative core of a hydra-headed, funny, freewheeling, nutty yet very moving "Variety Show." Look for them when they come to your town to surprise and delight, whether the stage holds three or twenty-three.

Photo Credit: Travis Anderson