SO BRIGHT - Magic dust from Rob Jost

 Dear Friends and Fans,

I want to thank you all for all the generous contributions I've received so far towards the making of SO BRIGHT. It's been so wonderful to get your messages of enthusiasm and encouragement, and for so many of you to have shown your support by purchasing a copy ahead of time!

There's still a long way to go on the fundraising front...


NYC release show announce for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1ST, at THE LIVING ROOM. More info to follow.

Dean and I have entered into the final mixing process, with most of the songs finished tracking. At this point, I wanted to share with you some stories of how the musicians who have visited us at No Parking Studio have added their magic to the album, starting with the one-and-only Rob Jost...

Rob is an old friend and musical collaborator of mine. He has recorded french horn on my last two albums, Peach Pony and Colors, as well as performing with me live on several occasions. He also played while Morgan and I walked down the aisle and had our first married dance. In my mind, he is a musical genius and a very very special guy. I am honored to know him and to have him share his music with me and mine. He came and spent the day with Dean and I as we worked on three of the twelve songs from the album...

Forever, which while driving up to Rosendale from Brooklyn, Rob listened and heard a horn part for the song akin to a Schubert song, "Auf Dem Strom". He came in and described it so beautifully - I was blown away by the thought he had put into it. With his parts, the song has become a duet between my voice and his french horn, with my bass supporting us both. It's perfect for the song. Perfect for me.

For You is a tougher song, about loss and the pain of moving forward in a direction that you never wanted to have to take. It's a song for a friend who has suffered, whom I've travelled with on their painful journey, a journey that I'm so sad they've had to take. Rob came in with an idea... he just laid down note after note, going for something that I had no idea the song was calling for. Now I can't imagine the song without it - I know that he hears EVERYTHING in music, and his parts on this song reflect the stabbing pain of my friends journey in a way that I hadn't recognized. Perfect again.

Up She Leapt is about a dream I had where my Grandmother, who I'd seen in her casket in real life, sat up in the casket and opened her eyes at me. It woke me up, but it didn't frighten me, just shocked me, in a fun way somehow! Rob channelled the fun side of my Grandma in his parts on this song. Dean had more fun harmonizing and doubling Rob's horn parts with his trombone. Morgan said yesterday that it sounds like a circus - we both agreed that it was perfect for the song. Perfect for my Grandmother.

Three for three! Thank you Rob.

love, Rachel

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