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 Dear Friends,

I have been working on a new album, my first in several years since having my two lovely boys, Harvey and Ridley. They mean the world to me. Also I'm learning that to be the mother I want to be, I need to allow myself to be the woman and artist that I am. For me, being myself is being with music - writing it, recording it, performing and sharing it. As a mother I'm learning that it's okay to ask for help - so now I'm applying that to my music, and asking friends to help me finish and share this album.

I have been working for the past nine months, on and off with Grammy winning producer, Dean Jones on twelve songs - most of them brand new, three of them are songs from years ago that needed to be resurrected, one of them a cover of a Justin Roberts song! These are very personal songs about life, loss and renewed joy that I feel many can relate to. I'm very proud of the material and of how Dean has produced and helped with some wonderful arrangements. He has given me the space, encouragement and support to bring it all to life. I am eager to share my musical heart again with everyone who has enjoyed my music over the years.

In order to finance the cost of the recording, mixing, mastering, duplication and marketing, I am offering some special items and gift packages for sale on my website, along with a donation option for people who don't need more "things" in their lives, and just want to listen to the music (minimum donation $25, all donations will receive a digital download of the full album.) I am hoping to raise between $5,000-$6,000 over the next few months.

I'm anticipating that the album will be released in October 2013. In the meantime, "like" me on FACE BOOK to see and hear how the album is coming along. Share with your friends, and contribute if you can!




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